Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Christmas Pom-Poms

I wanted some creative and cheap new decorations for our house for Christmas this year. Well, a friend posted about these great pom-poms that she made for a friend's daughter's birthday and I decided that was it!

These are super easy to make. You just need some tissue paper (~8 sheets for each), jewelry making wire and whatever you want to hang them with (I used some old ribbon).
1. Stack 8 sheets of the tissue paper - one on top of the other - you can do one color or more than one.

2. Fold all of the sheets together at about 1.5 inches - think like the paper fans you made in church when you were little

3. Once the paper is folded, take 6" of the wire and wrap around the middle of the paper tightly, leaving enough wire to form a loop at the top (this is where you'll hang it from)

4. Cut the two ends - either rounded or "v" works best

5. Fan each side out, piece by piece. Don't worry if they rip a little - it adds to the whimsy

6. Hang them

Ta-da! Cute and very cheap!

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